Free Samples

These free sample worksheets will show you the quality of my products.

Nursery Rhyme: Colouring page and Rebus Activity

Nursery Rhymes are an important part of our culture.  Young children's first exposure to rhyming words ( the first level of phonics) is usually chanting nursery rhymes.  They are useful as well as fun and you can enlarge the colouring page to make a poster for teaching. Children...

  • PreK, K, Gr.1
  • Special Needs
  • Homes schoolers
Teacher Tool Box: Class List Form (generic)

It's always useful to have a portable Class List that you can photocopy for many different uses.  Here's one for you.  In this Teacher's Toolbox you will find many other useful forms for all kinds of purposes. e.g. anecdotal reporting, parent conferences and more.

  • Teacher Use
Poster or Chart: How to Wash Your Hands

This simple but graphic poster can be understood by all aged children.  You can enlarge it to a larger size for teaching  hand-washing basics to a large group, and the small size fits well near a sink.  I advise laminating it first if you post it near water.

  • PreK to Gr.6
Flashcards: CLOTHING

These cards are part of a set that is Vocabulary  Specific.  Excellent for ESL/EFL learners and children of other grade levels and Special Needs children.  They can be used for vocabulary learning, games, object/word recognition, review... almost anything you wish to do with them...

  • PreK  K  Gr.1-3   
  • Home schoolers
  • Special Needs
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Novel Study

This novel study contains worksheets, activities and other information about Laura for each of the chapters. The booklet can be assembled, if you wish, with a “Log Cabin” cover. Activities are thought-provoking, grade–level appropriate and fun, and challenge the students to...

  • Grade 3-6
  • Home-schoolers
  • Younger Gifted
  • Reluctant Readers
  • Advanced ESL/EFL
Book Report Templates

These 2 activities from a bundle of ten genre-specific book report templates. Each template contains drawings and a variety of shapes and places to record book information in a fun way. Other genres that are available are, for example, Magic, Animals, Under the Sea, Space, Dinosaurs,...

  • Grade 2-6
  • Home-schoolers
  • ESL (Advanced)
  • Teacher's Choice
Little Books for Little Hands: Short Vowel Books Black Bat (a) The Pet Vet (e)

Black Bat and The Pet Vet are part of a series of 10 easy fold-up books about short vowels. Each book in the series consists of a short, four-page, BLM illustrated story, (often humorous) incorporating Dolch words and other target vowel vocabulary. Students can easily read it...

  • PreK to Gr.2
  •  Home-schoolers
  • Special Needs