Free Samples

These free sample worksheets will show you the quality of my products.

Last Minute Christmas Activities: Gr.3-6

Need some last-minute Christmas Activities?  Here are a few to help out.  A "Feast" crossword puzzle, a creative writing activity on Giving, some multiplication daily drills and a Christmas Book Report form will keep them busy during this last hectic week before the holidays...

Last Minute Christmas Activities: K-Gr.3

Here are a few last-minute Christmas activities.  Rhyming mitten pairs, Santa's missing numbers, sorting short and long vowels and a Christmas word search will help to keep them busy during this week before Christmas holidays begin. The complete 53-page Christmas Pack is for...

Crossword Puzzle: "All About Santa" Craft: "Santa's Beard"

Fun things to do for Christmas in the classroom!  Puzzle is suitable for some grade threes, but better for Grades 4-6.   Beard craft is suitable for PreK to Grade 2, but some grade threes would like to do it, as well. (They are very capable doing the paper tightly curled with...

  • Gr.(3) 4 to Gr.6
  • PreK to Gr.2 (3)
  • Special Needs
  • Home schoolers
The 5-Minute Edit

Great practice for grades 4-6 in honing their editing/proof-reading skills.  Everything you need including a Record Bar Graph for the students.

  • Grades 4-6
Thanksgiving : Turkey Craft, Songs, Chant, Game

Need some last minute activities for Thanksgiving?  Here they are!

  • PreK-Gr.2
Remembrance Day/Veterans' Day Project Package

(a) Poems:  1. In Flanders Fields  (colour and black and white)    2. High Flight   with a short bio on its author, John Magee.  Both arranged in illustrated poster form, suitable for the bulletin board.  ...

  • Grades 4-7
  • Younger children with some adaptations
"Digraph Phun!"

Here is a sample of an activity with word ending strips and a "computer monitor" for reviewing and practicing the digraph "sh". It is part of a larger set of the other 4 consonant digraphs as well as the single consonant/13 Word Family endings activity.

- Gr.3-6
- Home schoolers

Happy Hallowe'en! Arts and Crafts and a Safety Poster

Here is something to keep them busy this week before Hallowe'en.  3 Craft ideas: From Monday to Wednesday they can create one Hallowe'en Hanger each day.  On Thursday, you can present the Hallowe'en Safety Poster (which should be posted on a bulletin board already...

  • K-Gr.4
  • Special Needs
  • Home schoolers
Thanksgiving Colouring Booklet

An easy-fold (like a card) booklet with 4  black and white Thanksgiving pictures and words to coulour.

Happy Thanksgiving!.

  • PreK-Gr.2
  • Home schoolers
  • Special Needs
Theme Songs for Young Children: Book 1 Song Lyrics and mp3

This is a sample of a song called "I Love Apples".  It is part of a set of 10 "piggy back" songs that are intended to support thematic teaching units such as The Family, Wild Animals, Food and Health, etc... something we all...

  • PreK, K
  • Gr.1-2
  • Special Needs
  • Home schoolers